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Blackboard Spring Training Webinars

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Course Menu and Banner

Description PDF Video
Add Tabs to Menu PDF  
Adding Content Area Tabs PDF  
Changing the Course Menu Items PDF  
Creating a Course Banner PDF  
Renaming Menu Items PDF  
Re-ordering the menu PDF  


Adding Content

Description PDF Video
Attaching a File PDF  
Creating Audio files and importing into Blackboard PDF  
Creating Audio for the Classroom PDF  
Importing Audio into Blackboard PDF  
Powerpoint as PDF PDF  
Creating an announcement PDF  
Uploading video to a user site PDF  
YouTube Video on Blackboard PDF  


Kaltura Media

Description PDF Video
Introduction to Kaltura PDF  
Adding Saved Media to Kaltura PDF  
Recording the Screen with Kaltura PDF  
Kaltura Webinar   Video


Discussion Board

Description PDF Video
Creating a Discussion Board Forum PDF  


Other Blackboard Features

Description PDF Video
Changing the style of your course PDF  
Course-to-course Navigation PDF  


Collaborative Tools
(Blogs, Wikis, Journals, Collaborate)

Description PDF Video
Creating a Blog PDF  
Creating a Journal PDF  
Grading a Blog, Wiki, or Journal PDF  
Grading a Blog PDF  
What's the difference between a Blog, Wiki and Journal? PDF  


Grade Center

Description PDF Video
In-Line Grading PDF  
Getting Started with the Grade Center PDF


Grade Center Basics (webinar)   Video
Grade Center Advanced (webinar)   Video


Tests, Quizzes and Surveys

Description PDF Video
Blackboard Test Question Types PDF  
Docx Exams to Blackboard Format PDF  
Importing Pool Questions PDF  
Uploading tests in Blackboard using Excel PDF  
Instructors Using Remote Proctor Now PDF  


Other Blackboard Features

Description PDF Video
Copying a Course in Blackboard PDF PDF Video
Changing the style of your course PDF  
Pearson & Blackboard Integration PDF PDF  
ReadSpeaker Information PDF PDF  
Using the Blackboard Calendar PDF PDF  



Description PDF Video
Coming Soon    


Best Practices for Blackboard

Description PDF Video
Creating voice recording folders in a combined classroom PDF  
Video placement in the classroom PDF