Master of Public Administration

Offered online through a 37-hour program in the School of Social Sciences, the MPA can be completed in 21 months. This completely online program is designed for students new to Wayland or those who have already completed some graduate coursework at a WBU physical campus. All the courses required for the degree are available online. Core business courses required for the MPA which have been taken in a traditional classroom may be transferred into the MPA online program.

The Master of Public Administration degree is designed to prepare both public and non-public employees for a career and/or promotion in administration with the choice of either governmental or justice administration fields.

Prospective students must hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution. A leveling course, MGMT 3304--Principles of Management, must be completed prior to taking any of the following:
MGMT 5305 - Organizational Theory
MGMT 5309 - Human Resource Management
MGMT 5325 - Organizational Development & Behavior

Students desiring to enter the graduate program must submit the following:
  • Completed graduate application for admission
  • Non-refundable application fee of $35 (current and past WBU students are excused from this fee)
  • Official transcripts from each institution previously attended
  • Grade point average of 3.00 or better on last 60 semester hours
Application files will not be evaluated until all the above requirements are met. For specific information on entering the graduate program at Wayland, contact Ms. Amanda Stanton at

Courses for the MPA include the leveling course MGMT3304 (offered every term), core courses and specialization courses as grouped below (courses in bold should be taken within the first three courses):
  • Core courses (19 hours)
    • BUAD 5304--Ethics
    • FINA 5310--Public Finance
    • MGMT 5315--Legal Environment
    • MGMT 5320--Research Methods
    • PUAD 5303--Survey of Public Administration
    • PUAD 5304--Public Policy Analysis
    • PUAD 5101--Seminar in Public Administration
  • Justice Administration specialization (18 hours)
    • MGMT 5305--Organizational Theory
    • MGMT 5309--Human Resource Management
    • MGMT 5325--Organizational Development & Behavior
    • PUAD 5300--Criminal/Civil Law: Comparative Analysis
    • PUAD 5302--International Legal Systems: Comparative Study
    • PUAD 5313--Topics in Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • PUAD 5314--Law Enforcement Administration
    • PUAD 5316--Special Topics in Justice Administration
    • PUAD 5360--Practicum in Justice Administration
  • Government Administration specialization (18 hours)
    • MGMT 5305--Organizational Theory
    • MGMT 5325--Organizational Development & Behavior
    • PUAD 5305--Contract Negotiation
    • PUAD 5306--Administrative Law
    • PUAD 5317--Special Topics in Government Administration
    • PUAD 5318--Current Issues in the Public Sector
    • PUAD 5361--Practicum in Government Administration
    • Either PUAD 5320--Cultural Diversity
    • or MGMT 5313--Diversity Management
Specific questions regarding academic issues of the Master of Public Administration degree will need to be addressed to Dr. Estelle Owens, Chair of the School of Behavioral and Social Sciences:

Dr. Estelle