Online Bachelor of Applied Science

The BAS is a degree that allows individuals to apply previous technical and vocational training or work experience as credit toward a liberal arts degree for career advancement. A variety of majors are available depending on your career experience or future goals. This degree can be completed entirely online.

The BAS is geared toward students with technical degrees or occupational training through U.S. Armed Services schools or the workplace, providing a seamless transition from technical fields to a baccalaureate program. Majors include Applied Science, Business Administration, Human Services, Justice Administration, Management, and Religion.

Application Deadlines

In order to ensure admissions for a future term, applications and supporting documentation must be submitted to the Office of BAS/BCM Records no later than the following dates:
Fall enrollment July 1
Winter enrollment October 1
Spring enrollment January 3
Summer enrollment April 1

Degree Requirements

The following are required in addition to the 36-hour major course of study in order to earn the bachelor’s degree of 124 hours (Hours may come from traditional junior or senior college or non-traditional training such as MOS or Military Service Schools, CCAF; or testing such as CLEP, DANTES and Excelsior or prior learning assessment. See catalog for guidelines on transferring credit to WBU from other entities.):

  • Professional Development:
    This section includes 24 semester hours in elective credit.

  • Experiential Professional Development:
    Up to 12 semester hours can be earned from work experience with military performance evaluations, job performance appraisals or a supervisor’s evaluation on a WBU form.
  • General Electives:

    Semester hours required vary by major chosen.

  • Core Curriculum
    • English Composition (6 hours)
    • World or U.S. History I and II (6 hours)
    • College Algebra (3 hours)
    • Science (3 hours)
    • Additional math, science or foreign language (6 hrs)
    • Old Testament History
    • New Testament History
    • Federal and State Government (3 hours)
    • Speech (3 hours)
    • Computer Applications (3 hours)
    • Physical Education/ Police/Military Service (3 hours)
    • Senior exit seminar (1 hour)