Are there any degrees offered online?


At this time, four graduate programs are currently available entirely online.


Master of Arts in Management
This cohort-based program allows for graduation after six terms (18 months) of classwork. The specialization offered for the online delivery of this major is Human Resource Management.

Master of Christian Ministry
The MCM offers open enrollment to students who are just starting the program or who have already completed some courses in traditional class settings. The rotation of courses is set up to make available at least three courses each term which can be applied to the program.


Master of Education

Offered online through the School of Education, the MED offers four specializations: two in professional studies and two in certification. Each of these programs can be completed in 18 months. Specializations include Instructional Leadership and Higher Education from the professional studies area, and Special Education and Principalship from the certification program. These degrees are designed for students newto Wayland and all courses required for the degrees are available online.

Master of Public Administration
Offered by Wayland exclusively as an online program, the MPA features a rotation of courses which includes business classes offered every term as well as public administration courses offered on a timely basis.