I can't see any textboxes!


In our previous version of Blackboard (6.3), there was a conflict with settings in Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7.0 causing the Textbox for Discussion Boards threads and exams not to appear. With our upgrade to Blackboard version 7.3, this is no longer an issue.

Our upgrade to Blackboard 7.3 allows users to have fully utilization of all textbox functions, including the html editor options. If you had previously set your Visual Textbox Editor to unavailable due to a compatibility issue with either/or Windows Vista or Internet Explorer, you can now return this option to available.

Although the upgrade should have reset your textbox editor to available by default, here are the steps to follow to turn this feature on:

1.        Login to Blackboard

2.        Under the "Welcome, Your Name" banner, you should notice a box labeled "Tools"

3.        Click on "Personal Information

4.        Click on "Set Visual Textbox Editor Options"

5.        Set the Availability option to "Available"

6.        Log off of Blackboard then log back in

This should correct the problem for you and your textbox should now appear