My course files will not open!


If you are experiencing problems with opening a file in Blackboard (i.e. PowerPoint Presentations, Lecture Notes, Assignments), the problem is most likely due to a Compatibility issue. When Microsoft released it's newest Office product line (Office 2007), it did so with a new file format structure. The Office 2007 products now produce by default a Hybrid XML document, which is not recognized by previous versions of Microsoft Office. These files can be identified by the file extension including an x (i.e. .docx, pptx). If your Instructor has uploaded Office 2007 documents and you attempt to open them with an older version of Microsoft Office, you will receive an Error Message.

If you are experiencing this problem, there is a solution. Microsoft has created a Compatibility Patch which allows Office 2007 documents (with the exception of Access 2007) to be opened in Office XP or Office 2003.

To download this free Compatibility Patch from Microsoft CLICK HERE