Using the Technology


The Virtual Campus uses Blackboard for delivery of all online classes. This learning management system, in use at WBU since 2001, provides for student-to-student, student-to-teacher, and student-to-content interaction. Some of the many tools include discussion boards (threaded message boards), lecture notes, gradebook, testing, journals, wikis, and email/message functions. While some classes may make use of the Live Classroom feature for synchronous meetings, most classes will rely on asynchronous communications.
Access Blackboard (Page will open in a new browser window)

Students unfamiliar with using Blackboard will want to visit the Blackboard Tutorial for Students which gives an introduction to the learning management system. Each student will need to go through an orientation which is available on Blackboard. This workshop will serve as a resource for getting started and for future reference.

Student Services

Student Services is a program that is operated and overseen by the University's Information Technology (IT) Department. Some of the functions available to you in Student Services include:

  • Updating your Address Information
  • Update your Demographic Information
  • View Course Catalogs
  • View and Print your current Course Schedule
  • View Grades
  • View and Print an Unofficial Transcript
  • Online Registration (per approval of your Home Campus)
  • Check Current Financial Balance
  • Obtain Financial Aid Information

Access Student Services (Student Services will open in a new browser window)
For more information on how to use Student Services please view the Student Services Tutorial