Our Computing Policies

The computing facilities at the Learning Resources Center (LRC) support the educational and spiritual goals of Wayland Baptist University. Users are expected to conduct themselves within the policies of Wayland Baptist University. Failure to comply with these policies may result in the loss of usage privileges.


Educational uses of the computing facilities has priority over use for recreational activities. Members of the University community have priority over other users. If a terminal is unavailable for educational purposes because it is being used for non-educational purposes, a librarian will ensure that it is relinquished.

Access to Computers may be Revoked if a User:

 • Posts, sends, or creates any pornographic messages, images, etc.

 • Posts, sends, or creates threatening, harassing, sexually implicit, or intentionally embarrassing messages

 • Posts, sends, or creates messages that can be considered sexual harassment

Sexual harassment includes "unwanted exposure to sexual graffiti, photographs, or suggestive objects; sexual innuendos or statements made at inappropriate times or disguised as humor, or obscene gestures; disparaging remarks about one's gender."

 • Failure to log off computers

 • Use of instant messaging

 • Services which are blocked on the WBU server

Adding Software & Changing Settings

Installing, copying, or otherwise placing software on to the computing machines in the LRC without authorization from a librarian or library staff member will lead to immediate suspension of user access. Changing settings of the computing machines without authorization from a librarian or library staff member will lead to user suspension.


Email access is available to students and members of the community through the Internet by an independent email provider. Access is not provided by Wayland Baptist University and WBU is not responsible for messages posted by its members or on computer systems outside of the WBU.EDU domain.

Automatic and immediate suspension of user access will occur upon determination that a user has attempted or succeeded in one of the following:

 • Hacking or Interference with other Computer Systems - Changing other programs, gaining unauthorized access to data or databases, or changing any information in any database or format of which you are not authorized.

 • Viruses - Creating, participating, or intentionally promulgating any virus or other destructive or interfering programs, files, or commands.

 • Pirating/Theft of Software - Copying, downloading, or otherwise make a duplication of any part of software or information that is copyrighted.

Individuals who are not members of the Wayland community of students, faculty, and staff may use one of the community use computers. Access to the community computers is limited to adults who are 17 years or older. Individuals must request a login at the Reference Desk and present a driver's license or other government issued photo ID. Users are restricted to one session per day.

Any individuals who feel that their access has been unjustly terminated may appeal to the director of the LRC and/or to the Vice President of Academic Services/Graduate Studies.