Need a book on religion? The following call number ranges, located in Biblical Studies on the first floor of the library, are a good place to start.

BL Religion. Mythology. Rationalism.
BM Judaism
BP Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.
BQ Buddhism
BR Christianity
BS The Bible
BT Doctrinal Theology
BV Practical Theology
BX Christian Denominations

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Our periodical collection (journals & magazines) is located on the first floor. You may find the journal title search on the articles page helpful as well. The list below includes some of our related periodicals:

Baptist Standard Current year
Biblical Archaeologist (now Near Eastern Archaeology) 1968 - 1985
Bible Review (merged with Biblical Archaeology Review 1987 - 2005
Biblical Archaeology Review 1978 - current
Biblical Theology Bulletin 1987 - current
Christian Century 1995 - current
Christian Ethics Today 2002 - current
Commission 1985 - current
Deacon 1990 - current
Expository Times 1986 - current
Faith and Philosophy 2002 - current
Family Ministry 2002 - 2008
Index to Religious Periodical Literature (Index Table) 1960 - 1976
Journal for the Study of the New Testament 1987 - current
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 1987 - current
Journal of Biblical Literature 1960 - 1972
1981 - 1985
1995 - current
Journal of Church & State 2001 - current
Journal of Family and Community Ministry 2008 - current
Journal of Religion 1969 - 1985
1995 - current
Journal of Religious Ethics 1982 - 1985
1995 - current
Journal of the American Academy of Religion 1981 - current
Near Eastern Archaeology 1998 - current
New Testament Studies 1995 - current
Perspectives in Religious Studies 1974 - current
Pulpit Resource 1993 - current
Religious Studies 1995 - current
Report from the Capital 1990 - current
Review & Expositor 1955 - 1983
1995 - current
Scottish Journal of Theology 1963 - 1967
1980 - current
Sojourners Magazine 1995 - current
Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 2004 - current
Southern Baptist Periodical Index (Index table) 1954 - current
Southwestern Journal of Theology 1958 - 1984
1994 - current
Studia Theologica 1986 - current
Union Seminary Quarterly Review 1989 - current
Your Church 1999 - current


Databases are an effective way of researching articles. Databases allow thousands of journals to be researched within a single search. The following should get you started:

Internet Sites

The following internet sites have been reviewed by our staff or suggested by professors in the relating field: