What is EzProxy?

EZ Proxy is a proxy server. By logging in, your computer's location is masked and made to show that it belongs to library, allowing it access to our many journal and database subscriptions. Otherwise, you would have to maintain a separate login for each e-journal or database you plan to use.

How do I log in?

Our website is designed so that you only log in to the EZ Proxy server when you have to. That is, you are not asked to log in until you click on a link to a journal or database.

Do I have an EZ Proxy login?

More than likely, yes. When you first register for classes, a login is created for you within the week. Your login follows the following formula:

Username: your 9-digit student ID
Password: the first three letters of your first name and first three letters if your last name (for example, John Smith's password is johsmi)

My login doesn't work!

Fill out the form below, and we'll get you situated! Please note that this is not an automated process. We will have your new login available usually by the next business day.

Please include your first and last name.