Purchase Requests

Faculty recommendations can be made through email (elliottj@wbu.edu) or by phone (800-459-8648 or 291-3704). John Elliott heads our collection development and is open to any suggestions.

Material Reserves

Limited space is available for material reserves. Materials can be placed on reserve through email (ditmores@wbu.edu) or by phone (291-3708). Sean Ditmore handles all material reserves and is always available to place items on reserve. Our reserve collection is located behind the circulation desk. Students may ask a librarian or library assistant to access these materials.

Library Tours

Our staff is available to give tours of the library to classes. Students will learn the essential skills for using our database collection, searching our catalog, and locating items in our collections. Please contact us via email (lackeyp@wbu.edu) or by phone (291-3702). Dr. Polly Lackey is the director of our libraries and can assist you in any way possible.

Local Area Libraries

Check this list to find libraries located near your external WBU campus. Addresses, phone numbers, and links to area libraries' webpages are provided.

Know Your Copy Rights

Sometimes it is difficult to know the place of copyright issues in the classroom. Follow this link to learn more about the do's and don'ts of copyright for university courses.