Purpose and Description

The Honors Program offered by Wayland is designed to challenge the academically superior student to develop initiative and abilities beyond that expected in a normal course of study. Electing an Honors program offers breadth and depth of content through independent study and research, aiding the student in preparation for entering a career upon graduation or for attending graduate school in a field of choice. Honors work represents the highest level of academic work available at Wayland on the undergraduate level.

The Honors Experience

   "The Honors Program has benefited me as a student by testing my strength, diligence, confidence and creativity"

--Hannah Wells, BA with Honors, 2013

                   Work One-On-One with a Mentoring Professor


                                  Conduct Original Research


                                       Hands-on Learning

     Dr. Kasner's Nature and Conservation seminar

                    worked at bird banding this spring.


"It [the Honors Program] just opens up so many opportunities that people who aren't in the program don't get to have. "

--Taylor Eaves, BS with Honors, 2013


Programs, Awards, and Recognition

Students admitted to the Honors Program are eligible for scholarship assistance. The Honors Council bases individual awards on information furnished by each candidate. These awards continue provided the student maintains the proper grade point average and makes steady progress in completing seminar, tutorial, and thesis hours. Honors students on scholarship receive half-tuition remission for each of three Honors seminars they complete and full-tuition remission for twelve hours of tutorial and thesis courses. 

Upon the student’s successful completion of Honors work, the Honors Council awards the student a certificate and medallion. The medallion is to be worn with academic regalia.  In addition, the bachelor’s diploma will read “With Honors in (major field)” as well as an entry on the transcript will read “Completed Honors Curriculum,” and the Honors student will be given special recognition during the graduation ceremony.

                               Honors Medallion


The program is designed to meet the needs of ambitious students and carries a scholarship.

Honors Program Director and Honors Council Chair

The Honors Program Director is Dr. D. Niler Pyeatt.  

Application and Admission

To apply to the Honors Program or for further information about this scholarship, or about the Honors Program in general, contact, Dr. Pyeatt .  

If you are interested in the Honors program at Wayland check out the

admission requirements and get a printable application.

Honors Curriculum and Degrees

A special Honors curriculum is available for the B.A., B.B.A., B.F.A., B.M., B.S., and B.S.I.S. degrees. Information can be located in the Honors Program section of the catalog. Students who elect the Honors curriculum must complete nine hours in Honors seminars as part of the degree speci?c general education core.

Honors (HON0) Courses  and Forthcoming Seminars

BA with Honors, BS with Honors, BBA with Honors, BFA with Honors, BM with Honors, and BSIS with Honors

Successful Completion of the Honors Program

Any major field of study coupled with the Honors program will be considered a composite major. Honors courses in the research/tutorial and thesis areas will be added to the major to complete the composite classification. During the freshman and sophomore years, students must complete 9 hours in the Honors seminar courses (HONO 1395, 1396, 1397, 3394).   All seminar work must be completed before beginning the thesis.

In the junior and senior years, all Honors students are required to work closely with a professor in their major field of choice to complete the following courses that lead to the finalization of the thesis. Depending on the major field of study, the Honors Student will take the tutorial courses of HONO 3395 and 3396 or take the research courses of HONO 3397 and HONO 3398 during the junior year. HONO 4395, 4396, and if necessary 4397 are thesis courses which are required during the senior year.

Thesis Information and guidelines available here.

Honors Theses

Click here to see a list of theses completed by Honors Program students.