Fall 2011


Honors 1395.01/ HONO 3394.01,  T 6:30-9:30                   

The Culture and HIstory of Food

Dr. Niler Pyeatt



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HONO 1395 / 3394The Culture and History of Food


--A Savory New Course for Fall 2011

Tuesdays 6:30-9:30

GH 216


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Professor Niler Pyeatt

Gates Hall 301


The Chef recommends: "You'll get your fill in this class!"

Nothing is more basic to human history than food, how we get it, what we do to it, and what it does to us. In this course, we will take food for thought, and explore the changes in eating, cuisine, and diet over the past several centuries.


The menu of topics includes:


So, bring your appetite for learning and your thirst for knowledge.  And bring your Diner’s Card...because the Honors Program won't take Am