• hosts the annual Panhandle Pastor's and Laymen's Conference.
  • assists local churches through the Pioneer Care Day held each semester, at which time Wayland students, faculty and staff spend a day working to upgrade the facilities of a needy church.

  • coordinates a prison ministry program through Wayland's Baptist Student Ministries.
  • handles assignments at numerous summer camps.  Wayland's "Rec Team" provides organizational and music leadership during an annual tour spread across the summer months.
  • equips ministerial leaders for scores of churches.  Wayland also provides interim, part-time and student ministers to a number of the region's churches.  In addition, Wayland's faculty, staff, and alumni fill numerous positions in churches throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

  • conducts a ministry for the region's retirement center through Wayland's Baptist Student Ministries.

  • sends members of a clown ministry team to youth rallies and events as a part of the evangelistic mission of Wayland's BSM.

  • offers creative resources through Wayland's BSM drama group, 3-D, which shares inspiring and entertaining messages for groups and special events in regional churches.

  • presents Bible study opportunities through a Men's Discipleship program that is conducted by Wayland's BSM.

  • prepares Wayland Students to lead and conduct Disciple Now weekends and youth revivals throughout the school
    year in are churches, helping to strengthen both churches and their relationship to the university
  • sponsors a puppet team that presents church programs at youth oriented events throughout Wayland's Region.
  • develops ministry leaders to fill various roles in summer missions activities.
  • brings music opportunities to a wide variety of churches.  Wayland's music teams (Spirit, Rejoice, Brass Menagerie, International Choir, and Wayland Singers) share the joy of Christ in a number of churches during the school year.
  • supplies worship teams to churches in the Panhandle and South Plains of Texas, as well as eastern New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma.
  • serves area churches by having individuals available as Winter Bible Study teachers, revival team leaders, banquet speakers, and seminar instructors.

  • extends opportunities for educational enrichment through bachelor's and master's degrees and specialized courses benefiting area ministers and lay people.

  • makes theological and other resources available through the Shaw Theological Library and other libraries included in the J.E. and L.E. Mabee Learning Resources Center.

  • affords pastors opportunities for fellowship and dialogue with each other and with BGCT personnel and other religious leaders when they are on Wayland's campus.

  • shares counseling services for those with referrals from pastors of area churches, through Wayland's counseling services.

  • desires to be, not only a educational resource for students, but a ministerial resources for area churches and associations

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