The Ooze -
Contains articles, book recommendations, and a discussion forum to aid in ministering and witnessing to people from a postmodern culture and keeps track of postmodern churches.

Leonard Sweet -
Links and articles on intriguing postmodern subjects

Next Wave -
Web magazine with discussion forum for postmodern topics relating to sharing Christ with postmoderns.

Swoom! -
Gives advice and resources for ministering in a church or working with youth in a postmodern culture

WuzupGod -
Tools for postmodern youth ministry

E-vangelism -
Reviews and advises in order to best use the internet as a tool for evangelism

Postmodern Glossary -
A glossary of terms useful for understanding postmodernism

Tribal Generation -
Offers unique perspectives for evangelism and spiritual growth for churches and individuals in this postmodern era.

Other Postmodern Helps:

KLTY Christian Radio - DFW (
KNNK Christian Radio - Amarillo/Hereford (