Christian Music Place - www.christianmusic.org/cmp
Information on Christian artists, albums, Christian music festivals, Christian concerts, recording and distributing your Christian music, developing your talent, touring, church music, ministry opportunities, and much more can be found at this site.

Faith Music Missions - www.faithmusicmissions.com
Faith Music Missions is a ministry of Boeke Road Baptist Church with an emphasis on conservative, traditional type music. Our goal is to replace the world's music with traditional, God-honoring music, thus positively influencing this country and the world.

Gospelcom - www.gospelcom.net
Gospel Communications International (GCI) is a non-profit ministry founded more than a half century ago. GCI continually utilizes numerous media--including the Internet, films and videos, and television--to evangelize the lost and provide faith-building resources to hundreds of millions worldwide.

Integrity Music - www.integritymusic.com
Integrity Music.com is committed to helping people worldwide experience the manifest presence of God and develop a lifestyle of worship.

Music Missions International - www.mmi-inc.com
"We want to build a missions organization that has a life beyond music."

Music of Missions - www.worship-arts-network.com/music-page
A compiled list of musical resources to help organizations find music with a "global worship theme."