1 Timothy 4-13.com - www.1timothy4-13.com
1 Timothy 4-13.com presents more missionary stories.

Christian Aid USA - www.christianaid.org
Helps support indigenous mission groups and discusses several stories of on-going mission work.

Global Compassion.com - www.globalcompassion.com
Missionaries share life lessons they've learned through their experiences.

Kjos Ministries - www.crossroad.to/Victory/testimonies/contents
Kjos Ministries gives short stories on biblical lessons.

Mission Media Productions - www.missionmedia.org/stories
MMP also offers stories of their missionaries' experiences.

Operation Mobilization - www.usa.om.org/wwtl
Operation Mobilization presents stories of their missionaries.

Studentz.com - www.studentz.com
Studentz.com gives a perspective from young adult missionaries.