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2012-2013 AMGP Sponsorship Opportunities

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The Association of Ministry Guidance Professionals (AMGP)  is an organization that supports ministry guidance faculty and their students by providing professional development and training for those who have responsibility for overseeing ministerial field education.  The AMGP annual meetings offer a forum for sharing information and establishing professional standards for field education among Baptists.  The organization provides a professional certification program for Ministry Guidance Directors and facilitates communication about ministerial field education among Baptists and Baptist-related schools.  Through your sponsorship, you will help support the work of those professors and faculty supervisors who play a pivotal role in equipping future Christian leaders.  
As a sponsor, you will also have the opportunity to make a concrete impact on the effectiveness of the ministers that graduate from your institution.  The following levels of sponsorship describe the specific ways that your institution can benefit in the short term by supporting the Association of Ministry Guidance Professionals.  The long term impact on future ministers, though immeasurable, is even more important.  

Benefactor $1000 


Mentor - $500                                                                                                  


Patron - $250


Encourager - $200


Friend - $100

Individuals who would like to support the goals of the Association of Ministry Guidance Professionals are also strongly encouraged to become a sponsor.  Whether an individual or an institution, your support will greatly impact the training and equipping of our future ministers.  Help us provide the very best professional resources necessary for our Ministry Guidance professionals.  Your support will touch the lives of more than 5,000 students training for ministry in our Baptist-related colleges, universities, and seminaries preparing for their service to God, the church, and the world.


Members of the Finance Committee:
Tom Fuller, 2010-12                           Ray Conner, 2011-13
Ken Gore, 2011-13                             Paul Stevens, President
Richard Faling, Treasurer                     Rod Earls, 2010-12, Chair

* Compensation for the annual meeting expenses varies slightly from year to year but typically includes mileage at .25/mile or airfare (whichever is less), onsite housing, and most meals during the days of the meeting.  The annual meetings are usually held on the last weekend in July or the first weekend in August.  Sponsorship will be activated for one year from the time that the gift is received by the AMGP Treasurer.

Sponsorship Form