For nearly a century, Wayland Baptist's Christian heritage has been celebrated as a source of strength for students, faculty, administrators, and staff. It is as much a part of higher education on our campus as the arts and sciences, and as such, we proudly offer a vibrant range of opportunities and resources dedicated to spiritual development.

Student Ministries

Student Ministries at Wayland Baptist is dedicated to transforming students' lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. Each year Student Ministries coordinates a rich array of activities, events, and exciting ministry team programs. Some examples of the university's ministry teams and other student ministry programs and activities include:
• Plumbline
• Lunch Encounter
• Prayer
• Missions
• Internationals
• Apartment Ministries
• Prison Ministries
• Evangelism Ministries
• Special Events
• Freshman Journey Groups
• Discipleship Now
• S.W.A.T.
• Senior Adults
• Owen Bible Study
• Davis Bible Study
• FMT Bible Study
• Ferguson Bible Study
• McDonald Bible Study
• Brotherhood Bible Study
• McCoy Bible Study
• Caprock Bible Study
• Alumni

Missions are an invaluable outlet for students to demonstrate their commitment to service and faith. Some opportunities for missions and mission-related activities include Texas Baptist Student Missions, International Mission Board of the SBC, North American Mission Board of the SBC, WorldconneX , and other mission agencies.

Church Services
Wayland Baptist's Office of Church Services exists to develop and maintain positive links between the university, individual congregations, and church entities in a manner that fosters mutual appreciation, support, and service, while overseeing the spiritual development of the university and its ministerial students.

Student Groups and Programs
In addition to Student Ministries, you will enjoy access to a number of other student groups, organizations, and programs focused on spirituality, including Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Ministerial Fellowship.


Baptist Churches

Bethel Baptist Church, 1700 N. I-27, 296-5962
Calvary Baptist Church, 1613 W.24th St., 296-9380
College Heights Baptist Church, 802 Quincy, 293-3644
Colonial Baptist Church, 910 Kokomo, 296-2525
Faith Baptist Church, 1301 Vernon, 293-4211
First Baptist Church, 205 W. 8th, 296-6318
Iglesia Bautista Date Street, 900 Date St., 296-2261
La Primera Iglesia Bautista, 1205 Uscuela, 293-1224
New Jerusalem, Rt. 3, 296-0281
Northside Baptist Church, 100 W. 32nd, 293-2937
Parkview Baptist Church, 405 S. Broadway, 293-1775
Seth Ward Baptist Church, 601 E. 24th, 293-1145
Stonebridge Fellowship, Worship services at Fair Theatre - 717 Broadway, 296-3223
United Baptist Church, 2106 N. Austin, 293-5138

Assembly of God
First Assembly of God, 1300 N. I-27, 293-1637
Glad Tidings Assembly of God, 301 SE 9th 296-7592
New Life Assembly of God, 11th and El Paso, 293-5029
Southside Assembly of God, 106 W. 2nd, 293-1683

Our Lady of Guadalupe, 211 W. 7th, 293-0085
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 2805 N. Columbia, 293-2753
St. Alice Catholic Church, 1113 Galveston St., 293-2891

Church of Christ

Garland Street Church of Christ, 700 Garland, 296-2708
Ninth and Columbia Church of Christ, 808 N. Columbia, 293-2616
Church of Christ, 11th and Amarillo, 293-0151
Church of Christ, 1700 N. Ash
Iglesia De Cristo, 1315 N. Date

Disciples of Christ
First Christian Church, 1800 N IH 27, 293-2521

St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 710 Joliet, 296-7185

Church of God
Church of God, 508 W. 10th, 293-8140

Plainview Bible Church, 291-0070
Harvest Christian Fellowship, 1203 Quincy, 296-7158
New Covenant Church, 2802 Aylesworth, 296-2628
Family Harvest Church 1601 IH 27S 296-5506
Trinity Fellowship, 200 S. I-H 27, 293-4154
Faith Family Church, 3400 Garland, 293-4356

St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 901 Oakland, 293-1697
Trinity Lutheran - ECLA, RR 1, Box 119, 293-3009

First United Methodist Church, 1001 W. 7th, 293-3658
San Juan's United Methodist Church, 412 E. 12th, 296-2825
Grace Methodist Church, 3333 W. 11th St, 296-5897

First Church of the Nazarene, 2610 W. 20th, 296-5769
Iglesia Dell Nazereno, 501 W. 17th

First Presbyterian Church, 2101 Utica, 296-2604

Baptist Churches in the Plainview Area
First Baptist Church, Halfway, TX, (806) 889-3541
First Baptist Church, Edmonson, TX 79032, (806) 864-5595
First Baptist Church, Hale Center, TX 79041, (806) 839-2405
Jerusalem Baptist Church, Hale Center, TX 79041
First Baptist Church, Hart, TX 79043, (806) 938-2316
Calvario Baptist Church, Kress, TX 79052
First Baptist Church, Kress, TX 79052, (806) 684-2581
Aiken - First Baptist Church, Lockney, TX 79241, (806) 652-2889
First Baptist Church, Lockney, TX 79241, (806) 652-3361