The Office of Church Services exists to develop and maintain positive links between Wayland Baptist University, individual congregations, and church entities, primarily Baptist, in a manner that fosters mutual appreciation, support, and service, while overseeing the spiritual development of the University and its ministerial students.

Wayland offers a variety of resources and assistance for churches from events to workshops to individual consultation and advice. Director of Church Services is available to assist with seminars, speaking engagements, ministry coaching, or basic pastoral counseling. In addition to assisting churches and individual pastors, he oversees the spiritual life of the university and assists with the training of WBU’s ministerial students.


Director - Church Services
Assistant Director of Ministry Guidance

Assistant Professor - Religion

1900 W. 7th Street CMB #1290
Plainview, TX 79072

Office: 806-291-3407 Fax: 806-291-1979

Office: Brown Family Conference Center

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