The mission of the Business Office is to provide oversight, accounting, and reporting for the resources of the University. All areas of the Business Office strive to establish and maintain effective working relationships with faculty, staff, administrative offices, and students to facilitate proper use and accounting of University financial resources in a manner that is courteous and helpful to all its constituents.

Accounting Services

  • Oversees the proper recording, receipt, and use of financial resources.
  • Provides timely, accurate reporting of resources in an appropriate format for the user of the information.
Cashiering and Receivable Services
  • Receives all incoming sources of revenue.
Collection Services
  • Establishes payment arrangements.
  • Monitors student accounts receivable.
Payable Services
  • Records the authorized use of University resources and provides quality service to vendors.
Payroll and Personnel Services
  • Ensures timely payment of salaries and associated tax.
  • Manages personnel benefit programs.

Payment Policy

Credit Agreement

1098T Information

Lezlie Hukill

Lezlie Hukill
Chief Financial Officer

1900 W. 7th Street CMB #483
Plainview, TX 79072

Office: 806-291-3440 Fax: 806-291-1955

Office GH: 106


Mrs. Donna Hall

Ms. Bertha Sistrunk
General Accounting Manager

1900 W. 7th Street CMB #483
Plainview, TX 79072

Office: 806-291-3441 Fax: 806-291-1955

Office GH: 106


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